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Summer’s heat and humidity can quickly become overwhelming. If your air conditioning system is giving you trouble, the greenhouse effect inside your home may seem even more oppressive than the heat outdoors. When that’s the case, you need a trusted technician who can solve the problem quickly, effectively, and affordably. Any number of things can go wrong with an air conditioning system because of all the electrical connections and moving parts. Though prompt repairs can help solve many of the possible issues, they’re not always the answer. Sometimes, a new air conditioning installation is the only alternative.

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Deciding whether you need simple repairs or an entirely new AC system isn’t always a simple matter. It’s often best to have a professional take a look at the air conditioning rather than systematically replacing parts to pinpoint the problem or investing in a new system unnecessarily. Air conditioning technicians have the tools, training, and experience to determine what the most effective course of action would be. That being said, some problems are telltale signs of the need to have a new air conditioner installed.


Air conditioning systems generally last 10 to 15 years. With prompt repairs and ongoing routine maintenance, you may even get 20 years or more out of them. Still, they don’t last forever. If your AC is 10 years old or more, it may be best to start browsing new models. They’re much more efficient and cost-effective than they were in the past, so having the system replaced before it starts giving you grief could certainly work out in your favor.


Air conditioning is the primary source of power consumption for most Grand Junction, CO and Grand Junction homes during the summer months. While your electric bills are bound to creep up a bit when it’s hot outside, the difference shouldn’t be significant. HVAC systems can lose as much as 10 percent of their original efficiency each year. Annual air conditioning tune-ups help mitigate this issue to an extent, but air conditioners still grow increasingly expensive to operate over time. Rising electricity rates aside, if your power bill surges to disturbing heights while the AC is in use, it may be time to have a new system installed.


Air conditioners work by continually drawing in hot air, removing the moisture from it, and recirculating cooler, drier air throughout the home. All that moisture has to go somewhere. If the AC is working properly, it should send the moisture to a drain through the condensate drain line. If the time to replace the system is drawing nigh, the moisture might linger inside your home instead. You may notice the windows fogging up or notice water dripping from the AC vents. Over time, mold and mildew can begin to grow around the vents as well. Failure to replace the system could lead to extensive damage to your walls, flooring, ductwork, and other components.


Testing the motor and cleaning the fan shows the technician if the motor is overheating or causing any issues. Cleaning the fan and around the motor eliminate blockages that could cause airflow problems and prevent air from being distributed throughout the property. If the fan is broken, it must be replaced to allow it to blow air through the unit and through the ductwork. During an Air Conditioning Tune up, the fan and motor are evaluated for potential issues that could lead to service disruptions.


All air conditioning systems have their own unique sound profiles. Ideally, these are nothing more than a dull noise in the background. Should you hear unusual sounds coming from the AC, such as grinding, persistent squeaking, or rattling, the system may be on its last leg. Pay attention to any odd odors coming from the unit or vents as well. If you smell smoke or the air being sent throughout your home smells musty or stale, the system might have a serious issue.


All HVAC systems require occasional repairs. Over time, those repairs will become increasingly frequent. In the event your air conditioning stays broken down more than it’s up and running and the repair costs are getting out of hand, replacing it is most likely your best option. Homeowners have become leery of technicians who tell them it’s cheaper to replace an appliance than to repair it because this is so often used as a sales tactic. In some cases, though, it’s the honest truth.


Even new systems that are running at peak efficiency can struggle to keep up on unusually hot and humid days. Under normal circumstances, though, the AC should provide adequate, even cooling throughout the home. When a system isn’t putting out cool air as it should or it leaves some rooms warmer than others, it may be time to bring in a new one.


Home Comfort Services is committed to honesty, integrity, quality, and professionalism. The company provides the full range of Air Conditioning Services in Grand Junction, CO and the surrounding areas, including inspections, tune-ups, repairs, and new system installation. Whether you need AC installation for a newly built home or your old system just isn’t doing its job as well as it once did, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment.


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