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When homeowners require HVAC & Furnace Repair, they can rely on companies like Home Comfort Services. Providing expert service for the past 18 years, this company prides itself on the talented staff, top-notch craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction. Offering products from several national brands, this company will always find the best way to resolve customer issues without severely inconveniencing their daily lives.


Homeowners who hire a cheap heating repair service to fix a malfunction often wind up making repeat calls because of the sub-par service they received. The Heating Repair Services provided by companies like Home Comfort Services come with a full guarantee on the work performed. The technicians stay on site until they are sure that the repair is 100% successful and if something does happen after they leave, they will return to resolve the issue at no extra cost to the customer.

Keeping your home warm doesn’t have to be a burden, either. We’re on call with live customer service 24/7/365, so you won’t be waiting long before you see our truck arrive for a repair. Plus, we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all our work.

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Most homeowners dread calling a heating repair service because they stress over the possible cost. Fortunately, most reputable HVAC repair companies offer free quotes on both repair and replacement services. Technicians will inspect the system to determine what is wrong and formulate the quote based upon the work that will be involved. In some cases, this might entail a simple element replacement while at other times it may involve installing a new unit. Customers will be given the quote and can decide whether to act on it or get a second opinion without any pressure from the technician.


During the repair process, there is always the possibility that additional issues may be found or arise that the technician didn’t originally notice. Rather than make the repairs and tack fees onto the bill, the technicians will first consult with the customer to get their approval before moving forward. Although this may result in modifying the quote if the problem is significant enough, most additional repairs will be resolved without sticking the customer with unexpected charges.


After years of use, most air handling units reach a point where repairs no longer make much difference, causing homeowners to look into the installation of a new unit. This takes some serious consideration since a snap decision could result in a deficient unit. Experienced air handling technicians will examine the existing unit, size of the home, and evaluate the needs of the residents to determine which system will best meet household needs and operate at peak efficiency. They will also work with the homeowner to ensure that the unit is something that fits within their budget and won’t set them back financially.


Sometimes a decrease in efficiency isn’t the result of a malfunctioning air handling unit. The buildup of debris in a duct system can hamper the flow of air and force the unit to work harder as it attempts to keep the climate consistent. It may also cause an accumulation of gas that could lead to a dangerous situation. The thorough air duct inspection and cleaning that most HVAC contractors provide will remove any blocking materials and allow air to flow freely again. Customers will notice an improvement in the air quality as well as a decrease in their energy usage.


An HVAC unit can malfunction at any time, which can pose quite the problem if it occurs during the hours that most HVAC companies are typically closed. Fortunately, there are air handling contractors in Grand Junction, CO that offer 24/7 emergency service, regardless of the situation. Whether it’s the dead of night, over the weekend, during bad weather, or on a holiday these dedicated technicians are always on call and ready to assist customers quickly so that their lives can comfortably return to normal.


A great way to avoid an unexpected air conditioning malfunction is through periodic maintenance of the system. When the hint of winter is in the air or heat of summer is starting to creep in, homeowners should schedule a maintenance call to check on the status of the air handling system. These visits include a thorough cleaning of the main unit, lubrication of moving parts, removal of any accumulated debris or dust, replacement of the filter, temperature reading on the air as it exits the registers, and diagnostic check of the thermostat. These actions help extend the life of the unit as well as identify any potential issues that could arise if left unchecked.


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