Colorado isn’t known for its balmy winters, so most HVAC issues that come up during the coldest months of the year should be considered emergencies. When the furnace goes out during a cold spell, homeowners need to have a number they can call for immediate help. It’s not just a matter of comfort, but safety so doesn’t hesitate to call for help if the furnace has stopped working. Home Comfort Services has HVAC technicians on call 24/7 to handle these kinds of situations.

Air Conditioning Repair and Installation

During the warmer months, having a reliable air conditioner is a lifesaver. If the system starts blowing hot air or making strange noises, it’s time to schedule a repair. Dirty condenser coils, worn-out motor, or clogged filter may be to blame. A skilled repair technician will diagnose the problem and perform an HVAC tuneup.

However, there may come a time when replacing the unit is the best option. For example, if the air conditioner is too small to cool a home efficiently, upgrading to a larger system may be the right choice. Air conditioners last about 12-17 years, on average. Anyone with an older unit should consider installing a new one to keep their home cool and help lower their energy costs.