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Homeowners in Gunnison, CO know that winter temperatures can dip well below freezing and stay there for long periods. That’s why it’s important for every household to ensure that its HVAC system is in top shape before the temperatures start to fall.

Homeowners looking for heater maintenance, repair, and replacement services have come to the right place. No matter what they need, Home Comfort Services Heating & Air can help.


When winter is on its way, homeowners shouldn’t have to worry about whether their heating systems will keep the home comfortable throughout the winter. With a professional HVAC Tuneup, they won’t have to. A technician will thoroughly evaluate the home’s current heating system, provide preventative maintenance, and make recommendations regarding repairs or unit replacements.

If the heater is already on the fritz, don’t wait until it shuts off unexpectedly when the family needs it the most. Schedule a maintenance visit now to diagnose the underlying problem. A trustworthy heating technician will explain what’s wrong then run through homeowners’ options to help them find the solutions that are right for them, whether that means making repairs or replacing the unit entirely.

In some cases, homeowners can save money over time by installing new heating units. Old heaters are notoriously energy inefficient, which means homeowners must pay exorbitantly high monthly bills just to keep their houses warm enough for comfort. Even ENERGY STAR certified models lose efficiency over time, so homeowners with unexpectedly high heating bills should speak with an HVAC contractor about their options as soon as possible.

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Home Comfort Services carries a wide variety of name-brand air conditioners to ensure that Colorado homeowners can keep their families comfortable throughout the summer. No homeowner wants to be left struggling with a broken AC unit in the heat. Thankfully, Gunnison homeowners can now get the emergency HVAC Services they need to deal with whatever problems may arise with their air conditioners.

The best way to keep an AC unit operating efficiently is to provide it with preventative maintenance. Even the best-maintained unit won’t last forever without occasional repairs, though. Homeowners who aren’t sure whether it’s worth spending the money on repairing an aging air conditioner can also get advice about upgrading to newer, more energy-efficient, and more reliable models from a dedicated HVAC contractor.


Many modern homes in Colorado have whole-home heating and cooling systems. These systems rely on air ducts to get the treated air where it needs to go, and like furnaces and air conditioners, those ducts need to be professionally maintained. Home Comfort Services offers air duct inspections, cleaning, and repairs to help keep the whole system working as intended and protect the family’s health.


If one or more residents suffer from indoor or seasonal allergies, maintaining good indoor air quality is an absolute must. It can help to prevent allergy systems and protect all the residents’ health. There are plenty of solutions available for homeowners concerned about their indoor air quality.

High-efficiency air filters and air cleaners do a great job of removing airborne contaminants. Some can even be installed directly into the home’s climate control system. Combined with regular air duct cleaning, whole-home air filters can help to keep all residents and guests comfortable and free of respiratory symptoms caused by common indoor allergens.

Ensuring indoor air quality isn’t just a matter of removing contaminants. Homeowners also need to keep the air in their home humid enough to keep their families comfortable, especially in the winter when dry air can cause itchy skin, nose bleeds, and breathing problems. A whole-house humidification system will offer the perfect solution.


With sufficient maintenance and preventative repairs, homeowners in Gunnison, CO can avoid most home heating and cooling emergencies. That being said, all homeowners should still know who to call if the heater goes out on the coldest night of the year or the air conditioner starts blowing hot when families most need to cool down. Emergency services can cost more than those provided during normal business hours, but when the family’s safety or health could be at risk, it’s worth spending the extra money to have the problem addressed immediately.


Looking for an HVAC contractor that Colorado homeowners can trust to offer not just heating and cooling repairs, but also new equipment installations, preventative maintenance, duct cleaning, indoor air quality testing, and more? Home Comfort Services Heating & Air can help. They offer efficient and affordable services throughout the area, so get in touch online or call (970) 258-0930 to schedule an inspection today.


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