Most homeowners do not ever think about their air conditioner until it no longer works efficiently or adequately. However, when a problem occurs, it is essential to find the issue and have it fixed to help keep things cool. The question is, when is it time to call the professionals for service? This can be tricky.

Getting to know the signs it is time to call for help is essential. Most systems won’t just stop working without some type of warning, and some of the signs of a problem and that HVAC Services are needed can be found below.

The Air Conditioner Does Not Come on

If the air conditioner is not coming on and the house feels uncomfortably warm, it means there is a problem. In many cases, the issue is with the thermostat. Be sure to check the thermostat at this point to make sure it is set on the “cool” setting. Also, make sure it is turned to “auto,” rather than just “fan.” If this does not fix the issue, check the breaker. See if it is tripped or if a fuse has blown.

After making these changes, if the system still will not come on, it is best to call the professionals for an HVAC Tuneup or repairs. They will be able to find the issue and quickly get the system working properly.