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All electronic appliances, including a home’s air conditioner, can develop inevitable glitches after being used for longer periods of time. They could also stop working if they have surpassed their functional life. While this is true, regular maintenance can help extend the life of any AC unit. To ensure that a home’s air HVAC system continues working effectively and efficiently for its lifespan, it is necessary to invest in regular service and maintenance.

Hiring a professional for HVAC Services is even more critical if the system is not working correctly. If a homeowner is unsure if they should call the professionals for AC service, keep reading. If they notice any of the issues listed here or another sign of a problem, do not wait to call for help. The situation is only going to get worse as more time passes.

The System Won’t Cool Properly

There is no question that having a properly working HVAC system is essential to keep the interior of a home comfortable. However, there is always the chance it may begin blowing hot air instead of cooled air once issues arise.

If the system starts to blow hot air, it is a tell-tale sign that the compressor is not working correctly and that immediate service is needed in Olathe, CO. However, to know for sure, it is necessary to schedule an HVAC Tuneup with the professionals. Sometimes, the issue could be due to a malfunctioning or faulty capacitor or fuse.

Ensuring that repairs are made promptly will be a cost-effective solution and help prevent more severe issues. If the problem persists, it is going to get worse. This means that when a homeowner notices hot air, rather than cooled air (or vice versa), being blown out, they should call for help immediately.

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The Unit Turns Off on Its Own

This malfunction is not a sign that there is a “friendly ghost” messing with the HVAC system. These malfunctions are usually signs that the filters have passed the “just dirty” point and that they need to be properly cleaned or changed.

If the filters are dirty, they will limit the proper flow of air, cause damage to the evaporator coil, and the AC will begin to turn off and on alone. If the HVAC system is causing trouble, it is best to call the professionals for help before the situation worsens.

Higher-Than-Normal Humidity Indoors

It is normal for the summer months to be warm and quite humid. However, if this humidity comes inside, it is the sign of a problem with the HVAC system. This system is responsible for regulating the temperature in the room, and it will remove humidity out of the air. If the room inside the house is too humid, even with the unit on, it means the system is not functioning correctly. At this point, it is best to call for service from the professionals.

The Unit is Making Strange, Loud, or New Noises

A split HVAC system is known for operating quietly and efficiently. If it gets louder all of a sudden, it may be a problem with unhinged or loose parts. If the HVAC system runs with broken internal components, it will cause even more problems. The unit may stop working, or it could require a complete replacement. Do not wait to call for service, as the problem will only get worse as time passes.

Insufficient Air Flow

If the HVAC system is having issues blowing air out, then it is a tell-tale sign that the filters are too dirty. The filter and ducts require ongoing and timely service and maintenance that is handled by professional technicians. If a system is dirty, there could be blockages caused by unhinged parts, which begin to affect the system’s airflow and motor.

Issues with Condensation

If there is a puddle of water or a large amount of condensation on the HVAC system’s body, there is a problem. If the system is faulty, it may begin to leak, which can cause condensation. If these leaks are ignored, they will expose the home to potential rot and mold.

When it comes to issues with a home’s HVAC system, it is necessary to take action in a timely manner. Failure to do this will lead to more serious problems and result in higher repair costs. Being informed and knowing when to call for service are the best ways to ensure a system is fixed and restored to proper operating condition. No HVAC system will last forever, but with proper maintenance, its lifespan can be extended.


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