Homeowners need proper maintenance services for their air conditioning units. A series of steps help the property owners avoid shutdowns and keep their homes at a comfortable temperature throughout summer. Repairs and installations help the property owner keep the unit running without issues.

Service technicians complete services that improve the system and increase the system’s longevity. Scheduling routine services help property owners keep their air conditioning unit operating properly.

Seasonal Cleaning Services for AC Units

Seasonal cleaning eliminates dust, dirt, and debris from the system. It prevents allergens and pathogens from flowing through the property and improves air quality. The AC technicians remove the panel from the interior and exterior units and begin cleaning all components thoroughly. Cleaning solutions remove caked-on dirt from components such as the condenser coil. Technicians vacuum out the interior unit and use a compressor to force leaves and dirt out of the exterior unit. The entire system is sparkling clean by the end of the service.

Technicians recommend scheduling the cleaning services before the start of summer. May is the best time to schedule the services since it is cooler, and the property owner won’t run their unit as often. Service contracts are available for homeowners, and they include seasonal cleaning services.