There is a plumbing problem that not many people are aware of until it happens to them. A device called a PRV or pressure relief valve that is often located on a property’s water line near the city water hook-up can fail. This device regulates the water pressure coming into the property’s water lines from the city water supply. If a person is suddenly suffering plumbing line leaks or water-pressure issues, have the PRV checked out.

    What Are the Signs of Trouble?

    Pressure Reducing Valve Services in Grand Junction, COKnowing when to have this hidden piece of hardware replaced is not easy, and it is not a common problem. But, if the water pressure suddenly changes and there is too much or too little pressure, there may be a problem. Unfortunately, this is not a DIY project.

    Pressure regulators are often located several feet below ground where the city water and the home’s water supply lines meet and the water meter is located. It is on the home side of the meter so will be the homeowner’s responsibility. One other way to tell there is a problem is if the monthly water bills suddenly show a dramatic increase.

    Pressure Reducing Valve Installation (PRV) will cost a few hundred dollars but pay for itself in lower water bills quite quickly. Don’t delay fixing this equipment because the too-high water pressure puts a strain on all the different water lines and connections and can cause multiple leaks. All those leaks will waste water and may reduce the water pressure inside the house. The too-low or too-high water pressure can also damage home appliances and equipment using water.

    Hiring a Plumbing Company to Repair PRVS

    When a homeowner has water leak problems that are not ended by fixing a leaking pipe, or if there are multiple leaks developing in a plumbing system, the water pressure should be checked by plumbing experts who can then find the underlying cause. Look for a plumbing company with experience in caring for home plumbing systems from where they connect to city Water Mains to the sink faucets.

    Plumbing Company in Grand Junction, COIt is important to find the correct plumbing service to repair water leak problems and get the water pressure back where it belongs by fixing the PRV. Too much water pressure puts strain on plumbing line joints up and down the system. Once the PRV is repaired or replaced, all those leaks will need to be found and repaired. A full-service plumbing company is the best option to fix the home’s entire system for a reasonable price.

    Hire a plumber with the correct licensing, insurance, and bonding. Hire a plumber who is knowledgeable in plumbing systems, has several years of experience, and enjoys good customer reviews. Get a work cost estimate before signing any contract. Make sure the contractor offers guarantees on their work.

    Home Comfort Services Is a Plumbing Company to Trust

    Home Comfort Services helps customers in the Delta, Mesa, and Montrose County areas of Western Colorado. The plumbing company is family-owned and has 18 years of experience to draw on. We are a full-service plumbing company and are knowledgeable in all areas of home plumbing, heating, and cooling. We can repair or replace parts and appliances such as furnaces, plumbing lines inside and outside the home, boilers, evaporative coolers, air conditioners, air ducts and dryer vents needing cleaning, PRV equipment, and more.

    A plugged toilet or sink is no problem for our experts. Frozen or corroded pipes can be replaced by our team members. We also install entire plumbing systems in new construction or update plumbing lines in existing homes. In an emergency, we are the company to call for 24-hour emergency service.

    How Often Does Prvs Need Replacing?

    Pressure Reducing Valve Replacements in Grand Junction, COPRVs don’t need replacing very often, so we tend to forget about them until problems occur. A good rule of thumb is that their average lifespan is seven to fifteen years. If plumbing line leaks start happening and the PRV or water pressure regulator has not been replaced in at least five to ten years, have it tested. The water pressure coming from the city water supplier can affect the life of the pressure regulator. A water district delivering water at 125psi to 150psi will wear out regulators faster than if the pressure supplied is at the recommended 55psi. If a home plumbing system is getting water pressure drops at faucets from 10psi to 25psi or more, the regulator is in need of replacing.

    A home PRV can last up to 30 years under the right conditions or can go bad in fewer than 10 years. This valve can be fine one month and need replacing a few months later. The best advice is to keep an eye on older water pressure regulators by testing the water pressure at sink faucets inside and outdoor water faucets.

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