Using the toilet is an automatic function, and we always expect the toilet bowl to work. When a toilet problem arises, it can quickly turn into a stinky mess. Plus, you will still need to use the bathroom. A toilet issue doesn’t have to ruin your day and home. Leaks are annoying, disgusting, and can lead to structural damage in your bathroom. Large or small, toilet problems should never be ignored. Contact the professional team at Home Comfort Services for reliable toilet repair in Grand Junction, CO.

    Typical Toilet Problems

    Toilet Repair Services in Grand Junction, COIf your toilet isn’t working, you’re not alone. The frustration of not being able to use the toilet bowl instantly puts a damper on your day.

    Unfortunately, these problems happen every day, and people contact a pro to get the problems fixed.

    Common toilet repair problems include:
    • Messy toilet leaks around the base of the toilet, that can lead to structural damage and slip and fall accidents in the bathroom
    • Toilet does not flush, leading to a buildup of icky waste that starts to smell awful
    • Continually running water, leading to water stains, structural damage, and added costs to your utility bills
    • Stubborn blockages and clogs that can lead to flooding and other costly water-related problems

    Facing these problems is frustrating. You want your home to look beautiful and work well all the time. Trying to do it yourself can become more costly than hiring a pro to fix it. When you can’t fix it, don’t forget it. The problem does not go away on its own. Contact the Toilet Repair Service at Home Comfort Services to provide the assistance you need right away.

    What Causes Toilet Problems

    Toilet Repairs in Grand Junction, COThere are many reasons why toilet problems arise. Often toilet leaks happen when a wax seal fails. Water pools around the base of the toilet and supply lines might leak. Leaving the water leads to structural damage to the floor and foundation, and mold may form. Mold remediation is quite costly and should be avoided by calling a pro to fix the toilet. Plus, the water can cause someone to fall by the toilet on the slippery floor, which is a greater expense. Consider the price of neglect, and you know it makes sense to call the pros at Home Comfort Services to fix or replace the toilet.

    A toilet tank houses several components. Some of them might fail to work and the toilet bowl will not flush. Trying to push the handle and having nothing happen is stressful. Alleviate that stress by calling a pro to fix it before you have an ugly mess. Repairing it will make the bowl flush like new and keep the bathroom looking and smelling clean.

    Another common problem is a running toilet. As the water keeps running, it costs you money. In essence, people are flushing money down the toilet when they fail to fix the running! Fortunately, this is easy to fix, too.

    Sometimes a plunger does the job when your toilet gets clogged. Backups are nasty and can damage your bathroom. If the plunger doesn’t clear the clog, it’s time to call a professional for clogged toilet repair before the bathroom becomes a horrible mess.

    Call the Professionals

    At Home Comfort Services, we offer a complete range of toilet repair and replacement services. From a toilet replacement to minor repairs and drain cleaning, we can tackle any plumbing job you need! If your toilet looks tired, it could be time to replace it. When your water bills are high, it could be the right time to replace your old toilet with a new one that uses less water. Reliable high-efficiency toilets reduce water consumption and help cut your water bills.

    Toilet repairs can become expensive over time, and replacement might become the most cost-effective option. Even if the toilet still works, it might enhance the appearance and function of your bathroom to invest in a new one. Making this investment in your home will show returns for years to come, by saving money on water bills and making your home look better. A beautiful bathroom makes you feel proud to have guests use it. A well-maintained bathroom with modern fixtures adds value to your house.

    24/7 Replacement ServicesHome Comfort Services is a residential plumbing company focused on plumbing repairs including drain cleaning, toilet repairs, and toilet replacement, as well as a full range of plumbing and heating services. We are proud to serve homeowners in the Crawford and Grand Junction CO areas. Our professional toilet repair and replacement services are available for you 24/7!
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