Kitchens are some of the most frequently remodeled rooms in modern homes, and with good reason. A well-designed kitchen can serve as a focal point for the family’s social life.

    Kitchen Fixtures Services in Grand Junction, COIt’s where residents and guests go to prepare food, have conversations, and grab midnight snacks. That’s why it’s so important that everything in the kitchen improves the room’s usability and beauty. The kitchen’s plumbing fixtures are just as important as its appliances.

    Since they serve such an important purpose, installing new fixtures is a great place to start the redesign process. Home Comfort Services offers homeowners all the help they need to choose new fixtures, repair existing ones, and keep their kitchen plumbing systems in perfect working order.

    Updating Sinks

    Kitchen Sinks come in many shapes and sizes. These days, sinks with more space and multiple compartments are trending. Self-rimming sinks, under-mount sinks, and quartz sinks are all growing in popularity, but they can all be difficult to install. That’s why it’s important to hire an experienced plumber to remove the old sink and install the new one.

    Replacing Aging Faucets

    Faucet Replacements in Grand Junction, COIf the sink is still functioning as intended but the faucets are leaking, worn, or out-of-date, plumbers can replace them without having to install the whole sink. Today’s most popular Kitchen Faucets come in a few styles.

    Two-handled, brushed stainless steel, and profi-style faucets can all add unique functionality and aesthetic appeal to any modern kitchen. Many of today’s homeowners have also been opting to install Insta-Hot water dispensers, which can be placed directly over the sink for instant hot water and maximum convenience.

    Installing Garbage Disposals

    Garbage Disposal Installations in Grand Junction, COA properly functioning garbage disposal makes a world of difference when it comes to doing the dishes and keeping the kitchen clean. Residents can simply put their food scraps and leftovers in the sink and turn on the garbage disposal to grind them up into small enough pieces that they can be routed through the home’s plumbing system without clogging the pipes.

    Garbage disposals are difficult to install and can be dangerous to work with, so it’s important to have them professionally installed, repaired, and maintained.

    Maintaining Ice Makers

    Ice makers come standard in many modern refrigerators. If they are well-maintained, they provide an unprecedented level of convenience on hot summer days. Unfortunately, most ice makers are prone to leaks, clogs, and other serious problems that can leave kitchen floors flooded and residents without ice cubes. Call Home Comfort Services to maintain these finicky Kitchen Fixtures and avoid the hassle of dealing with water-damaged floors.

    The Installation Process

    All fixtures have at least one thing in common. They must be installed correctly to avoid future issues. Experienced technicians will follow a simple process to ensure that the plumbing connections are correct and the new fixtures will last for years without giving residents any trouble.

    Step One: Inspection

    The first step will be to inspect the kitchen’s existing plumbing fixtures. If homeowners just want to restore functionality, the inspection may turn up potential repairs that could save them money. If they already have their hearts set on new fixtures, a full evaluation will help to ensure that the plumber tasked with installing them doesn’t miss anything important.

    Step Two: Removal

    If the old fixtures had substantial leaks, homeowners may need to have some of their old materials removed before replacing them. It makes more sense to remove water-damaged countertops, flooring, and drywall before installing a new fixture. Plumbers aren’t trained to do this kind of work, but they can make informed recommendations about what homeowners should do before the new fixtures are installed.

    Step Three: Installation

    Once the site has been prepared, a plumber will hook the sink, faucet, garbage disposal, or ice maker into the kitchen’s existing plumbing system. The pipe connections must be precise and waterproof caulking or other specialized products may need to be applied to prevent leaks.

    Step Four: Clean Up

    The technicians at Home Comfort Services will always make sure that they leave customers’ homes in better shape than they found them. The old fixtures will be removed for proper disposal and any mess made as a result of the installation will be cleaned up.

    The Bottom Line

    Whether homeowners are looking for fixture maintenance, repairs, or replacements, they can trust Home Comfort Services to help. Visit the website to learn about available services or call us to schedule an appointment. They also offer HVAC services, duct cleaning, indoor air quality improvement, and emergency services for the various problems that come up around the house that need immediate attention, so don’t delay. Call today.

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