AC Tune-Up in Grand Junction, CO

Homeowners must schedule routine maintenance for their air conditioning units each year. The tasks prevent the system from breaking down during extreme temperatures.

Technicians complete a variety of services to improve the functionality of the units and ensure proper services throughout the summer.

Reviewing the steps of tune-up services shows the homeowner what to expect.

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Cleaning the condenser coil requires the technicians to remove the panel off the interior unit of the air conditioning. Technicians start by scrubbing away any existing dirt, dust, or debris. Next, they apply a cleaning solution that removes any debris trapped in the fins. It is urgent that the entire condenser coil is cleaned to generate adequate levels of cool air. If it becomes clogged, the condenser coil could freeze up.


Gauging refrigerant levels helps the technicians determine if the system needs a charge or not. The gauges evaluate pressure and show how much refrigerant is in the air conditioning unit. If the levels are too low, the unit needs a charge to restore these levels. If it is too high, the technicians use specialized equipment to remove some of the gas from the unit. The service providers will also test the system for any refrigerant leaks. If a leak is found, the technicians complete repairs to eliminate the leak quickly and ensure that the unit works properly.


Lubricating all moving parts prevents damage and ensures that the components will operate without grinding. During seasonal maintenance services, the technicians inspect all the moving parts for proper lubrication. The technicians inspect the components for any existing damage that might require a replacement to ensure the proper functionality of the unit. Any parts that are still covered under the product warranty are replaced without any charge.


Home Comfort Services, LLC has provided many years of standard and emergency air conditioning services. The company provides services for residential and commercial property owners. All services performed by the service provider are guaranteed, and new installations are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. Property owners can get Air Conditioning Services in Grand Junction, CO by contacting the service provider and setting up an appointment right now.


Testing the motor and cleaning the fan shows the technician if the motor is overheating or causing any issues. Cleaning the fan and around the motor eliminate blockages that could cause airflow problems and prevent air from being distributed throughout the property. If the fan is broken, it must be replaced to allow it to blow air through the unit and through the ductwork. During an Air Conditioning Tuneup, the fan and motor are evaluated for potential issues that could lead to service disruptions.


Getting estimates for repairs shows the property owner how much repair costs are, and the owner can review these costs. If the repairs cost more than a new unit, they will choose the replacement. Reviewing their warranty determines if the owner has any coverage for the repairs. Some service plans might provide discounts on repairs and replacements for components. The homeowner can evaluate their coverage before scheduling repair services. If the costs are unaffordable, the service provider might offer financing for high-priced components .


Choosing a brand new air conditioning unit helps the property owner keep their home at a comfortable temperature. The service provider offers detailed information about all compatible units. The owner reviews the cost of the product, installation fees, and vital features. The new unit should provide energy efficiency and shouldn’t increase the cost of keeping the property comfortable. Some property owners want zoned cooling or connections for their smart home services.

The technician’s complete tests to check the wiring for the unit to ensure that there aren’t any existing problems before installing the new unit. Compatibility is vital, and the unit must meet the voltage requirements. All installations are guaranteed, and the owner can get immediate repairs if for any reason the unit stops performing.

Homeowners schedule seasonal maintenance services for their air conditioning unit to avoid problems during extreme temperatures. The tasks start with thorough cleaning services for the entire unit and eliminate any dust, debris, or dirt in the unit. Refrigerant levels are reviewed, and the technician tests the system for possible leaks. Major components are tested for proper lubrication and functionality. Reviewing how a tune-up is performed for an air conditioning unit shows the owner what services are necessary.


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