Water heaters are critical for daily living activities in Grand Junction, CO, and the nearby areas. These heaters provide warm water for bathing, cooking, cleaning and other daily routines. Nonetheless, water heaters experience different kinds of malfunctioning issues that can inflict their construction and functioning. In that regard, you need to schedule well-timed repairs to fix the problems and restore your system’s normal functioning. Keep reading to learn more about how to tell if you need water heater repair.

1. Lack of Hot Water Supply

The sole purpose of your water heater is to ensure you have an adequate hot water supply. Lack of hot water in your home means your water heater is faulty and needs repair. The leading causes of this issue include failed heating components, a damaged limit switch, and power supply problems. Professional repair services can fix the problems, allowing you to enjoy a constant hot water supply for your day-to-day needs.

2. Low Water Pressure

Besides the lack of water supply, low water pressure is a telltale sign that you need water heater repair services. Unfortunately, reduced pressure can make using various plumbing fixtures in your home difficult. Reduced hot water pressure is often caused by the accumulation of mineral deposits in the heater. This is because the deposit buildup narrows or blocks your pipes, reducing the pressure of water coming from the heater. An old or leaky water heater can also reduce pressure.

3. Water Leaks

Talk to a professional for repair services if your water heater is leaking. Leaks can become expensive, especially if they go unnoticed for a long time. One common culprit of a leaking water heater is a faulty pressure relief valve. Also, a corroded water heater tanker, too much pressure, and loose inlet and outlet connections are notorious for causing leaks. Repairing water leaks as soon as you discover any warning signs is critical to evading water damage and high water bills. Water leaking issues can always be fixed, but you may need a replacement if the problem causing the leak is extensive.

4. Strange Noises

You need water heater repair if your system is continuously generating strange noises. While water heaters are designed to operate with some sound, loud banging, cracking, hissing, whistling or popping noises indicate an issue with your system. These noises can be the work of loose components, excess water pressure, natural gas leaks and more. A plumber will diagnose the root problem making your water heater create strange noises and fix it to ensure quiet operations that will make your interior calmer.

5. Discolored Water

Water coming off your water heater should be crystal clear. If yours is discolored, you should consider getting professional repair services to get rid of the discoloration. If your water is rusty, chances are that there’s sediment collection in your water heater or your system is corroded. Cloudy water can be the work of a contaminated supply. Bathing, cooking, or cleaning dishes with discolored water is dangerous because it can pose serious health issues to you and your loved ones.

6. Smelly Water

Your water heater should generate odorless water at all times. If the hot water from your heater has foul odors, consider getting repair services. Sulfur or rotten egg odors are the work of chemical reactions in your water heater, while musty smells result from bacteria growth. Don’t use your water if it’s smelly. Instead, have your water heater repaired by an experienced plumber to eliminate the issues causing the odors.

Your Water Heater Repair Pros

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