An air humidifier is among the most underappreciated home appliances during the winter. The dry air may impact your health and property when the severe cold weather removes moisture from your indoor air. Your home’s air will receive much-needed moisture from an air humidifier, improving breathing conditions. Here are a few signs that you need a humidifier if you’re debating whether or not to get one.

1. You Experience Static Shocks

You are familiar with static and the irritating effects it may have, like a static shock. Walking across the floor in the cold season might result in a shock when you touch your doorknob. Or imagine putting on a shirt and having it cling to your back as though it were composed of saran wrap.

Although you might have heard that static electricity is connected to winter, you may not have realized why. Sure, it’s always present, but it increases dramatically when the dampness in your home falls below a certain level. Moisture would normally battle static electricity, which is why you require a humidifier to compensate. Increasing the humidity in your home will help keep static electricity at bay during winter.

2. Frequent Nosebleeds

Mucous acts as a lubricant and protects the blood vessels in your nose. If you are exposed to dry air for an extended period, the mucus will dry out, the skin inside your nose will dry out, and you will be more likely to experience nosebleeds. One option is to have a whole-house humidifier installed in your home by a professional. Your nose will thank you for it.

3. Dry Skin and Scalp

Moisturizing creams and hair treatments alone will not address your flaky, dry skin and itching scalp. One of the factors causing your distress is the cold, dry weather. Dry air will take moisture from anywhere it can, even you! The moisture in your skin and hair is being sucked out, making you feel scaly. Installing a whole-house humidifier will ensure that your air does not contribute to those uncomfortable sensations while you relax in your home.

4. Catching the Cold or Flu

You might be surprised to learn that the dry air inside your home may play a role in contracting the flu. Dry air may be the major cause if you’ve recently observed that you and other household members became sick with the flu or cold just as the weather began to change.

You can refresh the dry air in your home by installing a humidifier, which can also slow down the spread of diseases. Make sure to give the humidity conditions in your home the attention they need because they significantly impact your general health.

5. You Never Seem to Get Warm in the Winter

You’ll heavily depend on your heating system when it’s chilly. There is no avoiding that. But did you realize that dry air will store less heat than moist air? Therefore, you must use more heat to get your ideal winter temperature.

The cycle repeats when you increase the heat in your house, and the air becomes dryer. Installing a humidifier that works with your HVAC system will assist you in breaking that cycle. Your air will retain heat more effectively, resulting in lower heating costs.

6. You Have Asthma or Other Respiratory Problems

Many people who have asthma and other respiratory problems dread dry air. They start having frequent, violent coughing spells and other symptoms, which make them long for the warmer and moister conditions that the summer brings. This winter, a humidifier will come in handy. Your home’s air will be much easier to breathe with the proper air moisture level.

7. Warped Wood Flooring and Furnishings

Dry air has a harmful impact on more than your health. Your wooden furniture and flooring will also be affected. Dry air will draw any available moisture from your wood. This produces creaks and gaps in your flooring and may cause your hardwood furniture to crack and warp.

A humidifier is a good investment in safeguarding your home if it has wooden flooring or a lot of wood-based furniture. In fact, most hardwood flooring manufacturers advise homeowners to install a humidifier to preserve their flooring.

Get a Humidifier for Healthier Breathing

As you’ve seen, humidifiers have several advantages, and you’ll undoubtedly discover even more when you set one in your Grand Junction, CO house. Contact Home Comfort Services for more information and to discuss the ideal solution to maintain healthy air moisture levels in your home. You can also rely on us for reliable heating and cooling system repair, maintenance, and installation. In addition, we provide plumbing, water heater, and ductwork services.

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