One of the most common questions that our Clermont customers ask is why their furnace is making strange noises. Modern furnaces are normally designed for noise reduction, so a properly working unit shouldn’t make a lot of noise. Furnace noises are the first warning signs that something in your system isn’t working properly. Although a new heater might ordinarily produce some sounds, you shouldn’t disregard the following noises if they’re persistent.

1. Rattling

When you hear a rattling sound coming from your furnace, it could be an indication that the ductwork is loose. It could also be a sign that there’s a loose element, such as a screw or panel, in your furnace. If you can detect the location of the problem, then you can resolve this on your own. However, you should still turn to the technicians at Home Comfort Services to come and have a look at your system. The issue might be the result of a cracked heat exchanger that could leak deadly carbon monoxide into your home.

2. Booming

If you hear a booming sound like that of a car’s exhaust backfire when you turn on your system, then it’s a sign that dirt has accumulated on the burner. Dirty burners delay ignition, causing gas buildup. Although it may not be a concern initially, it could lead to the cracking of the heat exchanger and leaking of carbon dioxide. If the sound continues while the system has been running for a while, then it might be due to improper furnace sizing or poor duct installation. The best thing to do is have our Clermont technicians professionally clean your unit to rectify the issue.

3. Squealing or Screeching

The cause of a screeching or squealing sound is almost similar to that of rattling; it means that there’s something loose in the unit. It could be a worn or loose belt, a blower motor that requires repair, or a shaft bearing that requires lubrication. This sound could have several causes, so you should contact Home Comfort Services to help determine the actual source of the issue. It should be done promptly and professionally as the parts that require adjustment or replacement are crucial for the blower function.

4. Scraping

Scraping noises are usually caused by a blower wheel fault in the furnace. This unpleasant sound occurs when a blower wheel becomes loose and is hitting the blower casing. It could also be because the blower wheel is broken, or the motor mount may be broken, resulting in the blower assembly hitting the housing. You’ll want to call our Clermont furnace specialists as soon as possible upon hearing a scraping sound.

5. Thwapping

A thwapping sound like that made by playing cards attached to bicycle wheel spokes could mean something is stuck in the blower blades. It could also be caused by something stuck inside the furnace housing. Although it might not sound serious, the system should be checked by our technicians. Without getting a proper inspection and repair, the motor might strain and eventually cause a major system breakdown.

6. Clicking

It’s normal for you to hear this sound when you first turn the furnace on or off, but if it’s persistent, then there’s a problem. The most probable cause could be a failing ignition system or broken relay. Repeated clicking sounds might be because the igniter is struggling to light up the burners in vain. The reason for this could be:

  • A faulty valve
  • A faulty ignition board
  • Dirty burners
  • A broken flame sensor
  • An extinguished pilot light
  • A broken thermocouple

A faulty valve or ignition board will prevent gas from reaching the system, preventing it from igniting. Besides these ignition issues, the clicking sound could also be the result of a broken motor fan or loose bearings. Have our Clermont professionals inspect your furnace to rectify the issue.

7. Humming or Buzzing

A furnace usually produces a dull hum when it’s running, but if the buzz or humming sound is unusually loud, then it could be an electrical issue. The most likely source could be an old or unlubricated blower motor, a failing blower motor capacitor, a faulty transformer, or a bad inducer motor. The professionals at Home Comfort Services will unearth and fix the cause.

8. Chirping

Chirping sounds are normally heard when you turn on your furnace at the beginning of the season for the first time. This shouldn’t be cause for alarm, but if the noise is persistent, then your unit might require new fan belts.

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