Air Conditioning Repair Services in Grand Junction, CO

Homeowners need proper maintenance services for their air conditioning units. A series of steps help the property owners avoid shutdowns and keep their homes at a comfortable temperature throughout summer. Repairs and installations help the property owner keep the unit running without issues.

Service technicians complete services that improve the system and increase the system’s longevity. Scheduling routine services help property owners keep their air conditioning unit operating properly.

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Seasonal cleaning eliminates dust, dirt, and debris from the system. It prevents allergens and pathogens from flowing through the property and improves air quality. The technicians remove the panel from the interior and exterior units and begin cleaning all components thoroughly. Cleaning solutions remove caked-on dirt from components such as the condenser coil. Technicians vacuum out the interior unit and use a compressor to force leaves and dirt out of the exterior unit. The entire system is sparkling clean by the end of the service.

Technicians recommend scheduling the cleaning services before the start of summer. May is the best time to schedule the services since it is cooler, and the property owner won’t run their unit as often. Service contracts are available for homeowners, and they include seasonal cleaning services.


Straightening the fins on the condenser coil improves the cool air production and ensures that cool air distributes through the home. Bent fins prevent the condenser coil from completing its cycles and radiating cool air. The technicians replace the condenser coil if it is too damaged, and it won’t produce adequate cool air. Rust on the condenser coil presents a serious issue for the component, too. Air Conditioning Repair Services include repairs and replacement for major components.

Whether you need basic air conditioning services like a routine inspection or would like to set up a long-term maintenance plan, the specialists in Western Colorado are more than happy to help you start the process.

View our Maintenance Plans to determine which AC maintenance plan is best for you, or call 970-258-0930 to schedule a time to have a technician from Home Comfort Services come and give your air conditioner a tune-up.


Gauging the refrigerant levels shows the technician if the levels are too low or too high. If the refrigerant levels are too low, the technicians charge the air conditioning unit. If it is too high, they extract the gas to restore proper levels. Refrigerant is necessary for producing cold air and distributing it throughout the property. Technicians must have the training to handle the gas, and service providers get certification through the right authorities. Testing for leaks in the system prevents the levels from getting too low or requiring an additional charge with the gas.


Changing the filter helps technicians improve air quality and remove old filters. The technicians determine if the existing filter is the right size for the air conditioning unit. Measuring the unit shows the technician if the homeowner uses the wrong filter size. Using the wrong filter prevents the filter from getting allergens and pathogens out of the air. The technician informs the homeowner about the correct filter size.


Cleaning out the ductwork prevents debris from flowing into the living spaces. Servicing the ductwork shows the technicians if the homeowner has an inferior installation. Installing a new air conditioning system requires the team to measure the ductwork properly. The wrong size ductwork prevents proper airflow in the property, and the system won’t keep the home at a comfortable temperature. If the ductwork isn’t the right size, the technicians install new ductwork and improve system operations.


Home Comfort Services, LLC provides property owners with many years of dedicated repair and installation services. The company provides superior Air Conditioning Services for all properties, and the technicians are knowledgeable about a variety of HVAC systems. Property owners in Grand Junction, CO contact the service provider when they need repairs, servicing, or new installations.


Testing the components helps the technicians find out if the air conditioning unit is operating as expected. All the components are inspected, and the technicians ensure that everything is in proper working order. If a component is failing, it compensates by pulling more power into the unit. This increases energy consumption and the property owner’s utility costs. It also drains the surrounding components and causes them to fail. Overall, replacing one component makes all the difference and prevents a major system shut down during extreme temperatures. The technicians provide an estimate for any replacements, and they provide details about the best parts for the existing unit.

Homeowners schedules maintenance service for their air conditioning units each year. The maintenance services streamline operations and prevent the unit from failing unexpectedly. New installations provide the homeowner with a warranty that covers sudden problems. Technicians complete inspections of the units and cleaning services that prevent major problems. Reviewing great services shows homeowners how to maintain their air conditioner and avoid system failures.


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