Family Home in Grand Junction, CO
January 20

7 Signs You Need a Humidifier in Your Home

An air humidifier is among the most underappreciated home appliances during the winter. The dry air may impact your health and property when the severe… View Article Read More

BackFlow Prevention Device in Grand Junction, CO
December 19

Benefits of Installing a Backflow Preventer for Your Home

Clean, safe water is a vital amenity for every home. Backflow preventers work to keep bacteria and debris out of your water, so it’s extremely… View Article Read More

Plumbing Repairs in Grand Junction, Co
November 17

Top 5 Plumbing Fixes You Can Do Yourself

Here Are 5 Plumbing Fixes You Can Do Yourself Plumbing always seems to break down or spring a leak at the most inconvenient times. Toilets… View Article Read More

Heat Pump in Grand Junction, CO
October 20

Using Heat Pumps in the Winter

These days, plenty of homeowners know that heat pumps are some of the most efficient air conditioning systems available on the market. Not as many,… View Article Read More

PEX Pipes in Grand Junction, CO
September 20

Can PEX Water Lines Freeze?

Most homes in the US use copper pipes for their hot and cold water supply lines. Copper provides many benefits compared to other types of… View Article Read More

AC Service in Grand Junction, CO
August 17

5 Reasons for Servicing Your AC Unit Regularly

Servicing your AC unit is important to your family‚Äôs comfort and wellbeing. Your AC needs annual inspection and service at least once a year. Experts… View Article Read More

AC Freezing up in Grand Junction, CO
July 15

What Should You Do If Your AC Freezes Up?

Having your air conditioning suddenly quit working in the middle of summer can be frustrating. If you notice that your AC system is starting to… View Article Read More

HVAC Lifespan in Grand Junction, CO
June 13

How Long Should My HVAC System Last?

If you own a home, you know the pain of keeping your HVAC system running as it ages. Discover how long your system should last… View Article Read More

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May 20

7 Reasons Why Your AC Is Leaking Water

As a property owner, the last thing you would want to see is water dripping from your AC unit. Although a hot and humid climate… View Article Read More

Thermostat Placement in Grand Junction, CO
April 14

Thermostat Location and Why It’s Important

Numerous factors can impact how efficiently and effectively your HVAC system heats and cools your home. Some of them are fairly obvious, such as the… View Article Read More