Here Are 5 Plumbing Fixes You Can Do Yourself

Plumbing always seems to break down or spring a leak at the most inconvenient times. Toilets clog when guests come over, the kitchen sink springs a leak in the middle of dinner, and you can’t get that annoying drip in the bathroom shower to stop.

While there are some plumbing fixes that are best left to a plumber’s trained eye and exceptional skills, there are some quick fixes that you can perform so you don’t have to call a technician at 10 p.m. on a Friday night. Here are some jobs that can be tackled at home for short-term repair while you wait for a weekday service call.

1. Leaky Faucet

Many faucet issues result from a drip in the spout or a leak at the base of the faucet itself. Before starting any kind of repair involving plumbing, it’s a good idea to locate the water supply source to either the fixture or the whole house.

Determine where the leak originates from. If it is dripping from the spout, tighten the spray head to slow the flow of water. A base leak is resolved by either tightening the fixture in the sink itself or replacing the seal that it sits on. If you’ve exhausted all other methods of fixing, it may be time to replace the faucet altogether.

2. Running Toilet

Running toilets waste an alarming amount of water over time. You may be able to jiggle it into silence temporarily, but the real cause of the issue is most likely the float valve. Turn off the water flow to the toilet tank and replace the float valve in the tank by following the directions for removal and assembly included with your new hardware.

3. Un-flushable Toilet

A toilet that will not flush is either caused by a clogged drain or a blocked toilet trap. Using a plunger first might release the clog. For more difficult blockages, use a toilet or plumbing snake to help break up refuse and whisk it down the line.

4. Clogged Drains

Clogged shower and sink drains happen more often than any of us would like. Trapped grease, food, soap, and hair all have the power to slow and eventually stop water as it makes its way through your pipes. Using a pipe snake or a commercial drain cleaner typically flushes out mild clogging issues and allows pipes to run clear once more. To prevent this issue from reoccurring, place hair catchers in sinks and showers, and avoid pouring fat, grease, and food particles down the drain because these things can quickly stop up your plumbing.

5. Cracked Washing Machine Hose

Inspecting your washing machine hose regularly will prevent massive leaks in the laundry room. To perform this simple job, simply turn off the water and electricity running to your washer. Disconnect the old hose from the washing machine and connect the new one where the old one was located. Tighten both hose and valves snugly to prevent leaking. As you turn the water and electricity back on to the unit, make sure water flows smoothly without leaking or dripping.

When to Call in a Licensed Plumbing Professional

There are small fixes that most homeowners can handle with the right tools, and then there are significant issues that must be tended to with professional equipment and extensive knowledge of the intricacies of plumbing fixtures. How do you know when to call a plumber?

Plumbing is an expensive and vital part of your home. Trying to handle a repair that you aren’t properly prepared for can have significant and costly consequences for both your home and property. Call an experienced plumber if you are experiencing the following issues:

  • Flowing water that cannot be stopped or easily contained
  • Issues with a septic tank
  • Leaking sewage
  • Gas water heater problems
  • Burst or broken pipes

Any upfront cost you pay for professional service is minuscule compared to the damage and cost you could incur when trying to perform work yourself.

Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting!

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