If you’re like the majority of homeowners here in Grand Junction, CO, you probably rely on a furnace to heat your home in the winter. The good news about that is the fact that furnaces are reliable and don’t need much regular maintenance. However, they can and do develop problems occasionally that could impair their operation. Here are four of the most common furnace problems you may encounter and how to fix them.

1. Poor Airflow

If you’ve ever turned on your furnace and noticed that there wasn’t very much hot air coming from your vents, your furnace is suffering from poor airflow. This means something is either stopping the system from pulling in air from your home or obstructing the flow of air through your furnace. The first thing you should check when this happens is your home’s return air vent. This is typically a large vent that’s centrally located in your home. Make sure nothing is blocking the vent and that there are no visible obstructions in the return duct. If everything there checks out, the next thing to look at is your furnace’s air filter.

A dirty air filter is one of the most common furnace issues homeowners encounter. If you fail to change your furnace’s filter after every three months of operation or so, it may accumulate enough dirt to restrict proper airflow. The good news is that all you need to do is swap in a new air filter and your airflow problem should go away.

2. Furnace Won’t Turn On

If you set your thermostat to your desired temperature, but it never comes on when it should, your thermostat could be malfunctioning. Before you panic, though, take a moment to make sure your thermostat is set to heat instead of cool or off. If your home also has central air, you may have forgotten to change your thermostat function setting with the change of seasons.

If that’s not the issue, try resetting your thermostat. You can find the reset procedure for your thermostat in its manual. If that doesn’t work, it’s possible your thermostat isn’t anticipating the need for heat in your home. Older thermostats have a mechanical heat anticipator you can adjust, while newer ones usually have a menu setting that tells the thermostat how far below your set temperature it should wait before turning your furnace on. If none of the above helps, call Home Comfort Services for help.

3. Furnace Has No Power

If you’re not getting any heat from your furnace and it’s not coming on when it should, it may not be getting any power. With an electric furnace, this obviously means it cannot operate. But even a gas-powered furnace needs electricity to run its ignitor and fans.

If this happens to your furnace, the first thing you should check is your home’s main electrical panel. Locate the circuit breaker that controls the power to your furnace to see if it is in the off position. If it is, turn it back on. If it’s stuck between on and off, turn it off and then on again. If your furnace starts working again, you’ve solved the problem. However, if the circuit breaker trips again, call Home Comfort Services so one of our expert HVAC technicians can find out why it’s happening.

4. Your Furnace Squeaks While Running

Finally, if you hear a high-pitched squeak or squeal whenever your furnace runs, there’s a good chance you have a problem with your blower belt. This is the rubber belt that runs from the blower’s motor to its blades. To check the belt, turn off your furnace and locate its blower access door. Open the door and visually inspect the belt. If it appears cracked or stretched, you’ll need a new one. If it looks shiny, that could also be a sign that the belt needs replacement. If you’re comfortable doing the work yourself, you can order a replacement and swap it out. If not, a member of our HVAC crew can do it for you instead.

Your Local Furnace Experts

No matter what’s ailing the furnace in your Grand Junction home, Home Comfort Services can help. We offer expert HVAC repairs and maintenance, as well as installation of new systems when the time comes. And we also offer complete plumbing services, indoor air quality solutions, duct cleaning, and geothermal systems, too. We’ve been making local homes more comfortable since 2016, and we look forward to becoming your go-to home services provider.

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