Did you know that sleep experts recommend an optimal sleep temperature of between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit for adults? Interestingly, uncomfortable bedroom temperatures significantly reduce your rapid eye movement, which is your most profound level of sleep. This explains why you have trouble sleeping when your sleeping environment is too hot or too cold.

Therefore, you must find an optimal sleep temperature for you to enjoy your sleep. The following tips will help you determine your optimal sleep temperatures and improve your sleep quality exponentially.

Install Smart Thermostats

With a smart thermostat, you’ll control your room temperature right from your tablet. These thermostats use Wi-Fi and thus allow you to adjust your bedroom temperatures right from your palm. Furthermore, these smart thermostats track your temperature adjustments. They internalize the changes that you make to your home’s temperatures over time and automatically adjust your bedroom temperature to your preferred temperature ranges based on what time it is.

Adjust Your Sleepwear and Bedding Every Season

This simple tip can help you adjust your body and bed temperatures to your optimal levels. During winter, equip your bed with some cozy comforters. Likewise, when it’s summertime, opt for lightweight blankets and cotton or linen sheets that are breathable. Your bedding has insulation capabilities. Therefore, thicker bedding confines more heat to your bed, unlike thinner bedding. The same applies to your sleepwear.

Appropriate adjustment of your sleepwear and bedding based on the surrounding temperatures can help you find your optimal sleep temperature. The types of fabrics manufacturers use to make your bedding and sleepwear also affect your heat release and absorption capabilities. Hence, for comfort, have season-specific sleepwear and bedding.

Experiment With Different Temperature Ranges

While you can use the above range as the rule of thumb for sleeping temperatures, it may not always be accurate. Your optimal sleeping temperature can either be slightly lower or slightly higher. Therefore, try out different temperature ranges until you find a range at which you can comfortably sleep without temperature change interruptions.

As you try out different bedroom temperatures, record the findings for your reference after the experiment. You can also use a sleep tracking tool like a FitBit to detect your sleep quality at varying temperatures accurately.

Get a Quality Mattress

A good mattress is as vital as breathable bedding. Some top-of-the-line mattresses employ hydro-cooling technology and can either cool or heat your bed accordingly. This guarantees you comfortable sleeping temperatures.

Innovative mattresses also have built-in sensors that detect your body temperature needs and auto-adjust the temperatures appropriately. These sensors consider your bedroom’s humidity, the surrounding local weather conditions, and your room temperature to give you optimal sleep temperatures.

Maintain Some Good Ventilation

The easiest way to do this is to open your windows and doors to trap the air in your bedroom. This also allows air to circulate freely, balancing your bedroom temperatures and creating an appropriate range for your comfort as you sleep.

Cooling Pillows and Blankets Can Help

While your bedroom temperature may affect your quality of sleep, some contact remedies like cooling pillows can comfort you better when temperatures are unbearable. Cooling pillows automatically draw heat from your body and enhance some excellent airflow. This is thanks to the breathable and moisture-wicking materials that manufacturers use to make the cooling pillows.

Cooling blankets help you lower your body temperature in the same way heating blankets help warm up your body when it’s freezing. These blankets have excellent cooling technologies and have moisture-absorbing fabrics. Some of these blankets also act as heat-repellants.

Some cooling blankets have thermoregulating fabrics that wick away heat from your body, making you more comfortable for a good night’s sleep. These blankets can either have acrylic, bamboo fabric, or polyester, which have thermoregulation properties. These blankets are also breathable and absorb excess heat and moisture.

Good sleep is essential for you to live a healthy life. With optimal sleep temperature, you can avoid all temperature-related discomforts that may deny you quality sleep. The above tips can help you find your optimal sleep temperature regardless of the seasons of the year.

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