Wintertime can get rather cold, and losing your furnace can be pretty worrisome. Have you thought about how you’d respond if your furnace stopped working? Having a plan is crucial to ensure you stay warm. That way, you’ll know exactly what to do if that happens. Here are a few ways you can stay warm this winter, even without a working furnace.

Close the Curtains and Seal the Doors

Above all, you’ve got to prevent warm air from escaping your home. As soon as you notice the furnace stops working, close all your windows and doors. Then, pull your curtains shut throughout the home. At the bottom of your doors, place a rolled blanket. Warm air likes to escape through every little nook and cranny. So, by sealing your home properly, you can keep what little heat there is inside.

Turn on the Oven

Next, start baking some wintertime treats. Not only will the warm food heat you up, but the oven will also release a lot of warmth. Leaving the oven door open is also a good idea. That way, all of the oven’s heat will help keep your home warm. Don’t leave it unattended, though. Otherwise, it could be a potential fire hazard.

Use a Space Heater

Hopefully, you’ve invested in a few space heaters. These won’t keep the whole house warm, but they can help in a pinch. Try using them in a small room. They’ll be a lot more effective if they’re in a smaller area. Most of the time, a single electric space heater emits enough heat for a small bedroom. If you’d like to use them somewhere larger, you’ll need more than one of them.

Again, don’t leave these on unless you’re in the room. Even though they’re usually safe, leaving them on alone isn’t the best idea. An unattended space heater could be knocked over, creating another fire hazard. Avoid using propane space heaters inside, too. These create a lot of carbon monoxide whenever they’re on.

Contant a Professional

Once you’ve warmed up a little, it’s time to call the pros. Tell them you’ve got an emergency on your hands. They’ll be able to send someone over who can figure out what’s wrong. Then, they can repair your furnace. Surviving without a furnace all winter would be tough. Fortunately, most professionals can fix them up in just a few minutes.

Put on Some More Clothes

Sometimes, you might have to wait for someone to fix the furnace. While you’re waiting, you should put on some more clothes. The more clothes you’ve got on, the warmer you’ll be while you wait. We’d recommend putting on thicker clothes, too. These tend to be much better at preserving your body heat.

Light a Fire in the Fireplace

Maybe, you’ve got a small indoor fireplace at home. Most of the time, these are purely for aesthetics. However, if you’ve got a functioning chimney, they’re great at warming up the place. Lighting a small fire could warm up your home just as much as the furnace, actually. Of course, you’ll have to keep an eye on it, though. Leaving the fire alone would be risky. But, if you’re struggling to stay warm, they’ll do the trick.

Huddle Together for Warmth

If you’ve got more than one person at home, use their body heat. Get everyone together on the couch. Then, pull a blanket over everybody. Your huddled bodies will help to keep each other warm. In fact, you might even get too hot underneath the blankets. The more people you’ve got under there, the warmer it’ll be, too.

Brew Some Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is the perfect winter beverage. Not only does it taste delicious, but it’s also great at warming you up. Even hot tea could work. Warm it up in your microwave, and then savor its taste. Each sip should send a little more warmth into your body. Hold onto the cup with both hands to keep them warm, too.

Reliable Winter Heating Solutions

Everyone in Grand Junction knows they can rely on Home Comfort Services. We’ve been serving residents in this area since 2016. We can help you repair, maintain or install your furnace. We can also help out with your air conditioning system. Contact Home Comfort Services today if you need help staying warm this winter.

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